Tax planning and optimization at a domestic and inter­national level

An ever-changing business environment and global competition forces compa­nies to optimize their struc­tures and reduce costs. That makes on-going tax planning and optimization a must.

Thanks to their many years of advi­sory experi­ence, the partners at GHM Partners AG are able to provide you with tax-optimized solutions and integrate these into your business model. We believe that tax planning should be based on the business model. Not the other way around.

In addition to offering strategic structure advi­sory services, GHM Partners AG offers on-going support throughout the year in struc­turing annual reports and optimizing transfer pricing for compa­nies.

We optimize the tax situation for high net-worth indi­viduals by providing services such as negotiating rulings for lump-sum taxations, struc­turing cross-border cash flows and handling social security matters.

The added value we provide makes the difference. We look forward to work­ing with you.