Holding, principal, trade, IP and financial struc­tures

Switzerland offers interesting struc­turing options that can not only help you optimize your tax burden but also open up new business opportunities. Over the course of their many years of professional experi­ence, the partners at GHM Partners AG have as­sisted a large number of compa­nies, organizing and optimizing their struc­tures.

Despite pressure from the EU regarding Swiss tax privileges, there are still a number of advantages. However, now that numerous cantons have lowered the official tax rate for compa­nies to around 12 to 15 percent, it no longer makes sense in every case to apply for tax privileges. Ever since the Nidwalden canton became the first canton to introduce a highly attractive new tax regulation for intangible property rights compa­nies, revenues generated from intangible property rights are only taxed there at 8.8 percent.

Switzerland has ex­tensive ruling policies that makes it possible to specify the tax consequences of relo­cation to Switzerland or restructur­ing activities bindingly and in writing with the tax authorities before you even begin your endeavor. This ruling gives tax payers le­gal security. As a result of the numerous tax ruling negotiations in which we have participated with various tax authorities, GHM Partners AG has excellent contacts and the negotiation expertise it takes to get the perfect result for you.

The added value we provide makes the difference. We look forward to work­ing with you.