Social security levies

Ideal, customized pension solutions structured for top executives in addition to bonus options can be a significant financial incentive. Today, entire compa­nies can benefit from flexible pension plans in order to meet the different needs of their employees.

Compared to other countries, Switzerland has signed numerous conventions that regulate social security levies. That is not enough to solve every problem, though. On one hand, it is important to avoid double taxation and assessment gaps. On the other hand, it is worthwhile to take advantage of optimization opportunities.

5 fields
Pensions, survivors' benefits and disability pensions
Protection from the effects of illness or accident
Compensation for loss of earnings for service officers and pregnancy coverage
Unemployment insurance
Family allowance

Our Partner Reto Giger has many years of work­ing experi­ence in the expatriates department at one of the largest inter­national consulting firms and has since then advised top executives in social security and tax-related matters.

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