Silvia Ineichen

Head Fiduciary Services
Swiss Certified Fiduciary Expert vCard

Silvia Ineichen heads the fiduciary department at GHM Partners. She particularly focuses on providing compre­hensive as­sistance to compa­nies and communities in matters involving accounting services, financial planning and financial statements planning as well as regarding the budgeting process. Her services include preparing all tax declarations (including value-added tax) as well as coordinating social security contributions. She also as­sists clients in payroll and human resources administration activities. Silvia Ineichen also handles finance department coordination activities in the absence of key personnel.

She provides high net-worth indi­viduals with as­sistance in financial matters (such as taxes and insurance) as well as work and residence permits.

Before joining GHM Partners AG in December 2013, Silvia Ineichen ran her own fiduciary com­pany, which she founded following more than 9 years of fiduciary experi­ence at larger consultancies such as Balmer-Etienne AG and ABT Fiduciary com­pany.

Silvia Ineichen is a German native speaker and is fluent in English.


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