Project lead in buying and selling compa­nies, reorganiza­tion and restructur­ing

Important transactions such as buying or selling a com­pany require careful planning and as­sistance. It's important to take the other contracting party's perspective into consideration for an ideal result.

GHM Partners AG provides prudent, target-oriented as­sistance in contract negotiations as well as com­pany-internal adjustments. We do more than just bring a high level of expertise to your project. A keen instinct and a sense of what is possible are essential in order to be successful in contract negotiations. The partners at GHM Partner AG can as­sist you as a business owner or executive manager, often bringing new ideas to the table, as well. GHM Partners AG works with specialists including real estate experts, external attorneys, tax auditors, etc., in order to provide you with one-stop compre­hensive advi­sory services. We combine this expert knowledge so that the service you receive ultimately comes from one source.

The added value we provide makes the difference. We look forward to work­ing with you.