Peter J. Aschwanden

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Peter J. Aschwanden specializes in tax consultation for domestic and inter­national endeavors as well as for high net-worth indi­viduals. Mr. Aschwanden spent many years work­ing as a le­gal and tax expert in the finance industry and in the tax administration office of the Berne Canton. His fields of expertise include investment taxation and struc­turing, asset class tax qualification, le­gal protection of persons liable to pay tax including administra­tive as­sistance, disclosure proceedings for indi­viduals and le­gal entities, relo­cation of indi­viduals and le­gal entities and le­gal matters involving pension and insurance, including termination payments.

Peter J. Aschwanden worked in the finance industry for six years before becoming a partner at GHM Partners AG. He held various positions at the Credit Suisse Group from 2008 through 2012. He was in charge of the tax consulting department and managed 35 tax specialists at Pri­vate Banking Switzerland from 2008 through 2011. His activities there included identifying tax opportunities for high net-worth individual clients based on tax trends and practices as well as on amendments to legislation. He also developed consulting models for different client segments, including executives and entrepreneurs. He provided tax services to bank clients from 2011 through 2012.

His last position before joining GHM Partners AG was at a small pri­vate bank head­quartered in Zürich, where he was responsible for the entire group's tax matters as well as those of high net-worth individual clients. He was also responsible for operative tax matters, such as the EU Savings Taxation Directive, flat rate withholding tax and capital gains tax.

Before entering the finance industry, Peter J. Aschwanden worked in the le­gal department of the Berne Canton tax administration. His last position was deputy manager of the corporate taxation division. In this position, he conducted civil and administra­tive-law proceedings, including proceedings at the Federal Supreme Court level. He also provided as­sistance in legislative reviews and participated in the legislation process.

After completing his commercial education, Peter J. Aschwanden graduated from the Swiss secondary II level and then got his degree in law studies from the University of Bern. He became a Certified Tax Expert in 2008.

Peter J. Aschwanden is a German native speaker and is fluent in French and English.


  • EXPERTsuisse
  • Swiss Association of Certified Tax Experts (SVDS)
  • Bern Law Association