Dr. Leo Granziol

Of Counsel
Dr. iur., Attorney at Law, Notary

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One of Dr. Leo Granziol's areas of specialization is building law. He has successfully concluded a number of administra­tive proceedings in this field. He also advises a variety of compa­nies in matters involving corporate and commercial law. As a notary, he processes contracts and corporate law-related proceedings requiring official authenti­cation.

Dr. Leo Granziol has a degree in le­gal studies from the University of Freiburg. He wrote his dissertation on the organiza­tion of special purpose associations under public law (Dr. iur.). He then studied at Columbia University in New York.

After becoming a certified attorney and notary in 1972, Dr. Leo Granziol's first position was at a law firm in Zug, Switzerland. He began work­ing as a le­gal adviser at a bank in Zürich in 1977, where he was put in charge of loan clients in the regions of USA and South America in 1980. In 1982 in Zug, he founded his own law firm, which currently has 6 employees. Dr. Granziol has an excellent relationship with the local and canton authorities thanks to his many years of political involvement on the Cantonal Council as well as on a variety of political committees in the Zug Canton. As a financial intermediary, he is subject to the SRO controls of the Swiss Bar Association. He is on the board of directors at a number of Swiss compa­nies. He currently runs the law firm and notary's office Granziol & Partner (based in Zug, Switzerland) together with Oliver Habke and has been active as an adviser at GHM Partners AG in Zug since January 1, 2014.

Member of the board of directors (among others)

  • AMC (Switzerland) Alfa Metalcraft AG
  • Campari Schweiz AG
  • Ecotex Holding AG
  • Investec Trust Holdings AG
  • Krom River Trading AG and Krom River Holdings AG
  • MJG Investment and Advice Management GmbH


  • SAV (Swiss Bar Association)
  • Zug Bar Association
  • Registered attorney for the Zug Canton
  • SRO of the Swiss Bar Association